About Andrew Foley

Andrew Foley is a seasoned engagement leader and strategist with over 20 years of experience leading technology and design programs. Andrew leads the Experience Strategy practice at TandemSeven. His experience spans all phases of the interactive systems development lifecycle from conceptualization, requirements gathering, solution architecture, usability and design, through to development, testing and launch. These solutions have spanned physical product as well as digital solutions with a number of programs being truly convergent with elements of both. He has helped build portals, software applications, marketing web sites, equity trading floors, urban mapping systems and specialized telecommunications systems. He has led a large number of projects across multiple industries including financial services, consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, energy, non-profit and government.

5 Strategies for Building on Journey Mapping Success

By Andrew Foley You have finally done it! You have gotten your first Journey Maps front and center into the discussion of how to interpret the customer experience and really drive meaningful change. First off – congratulations! This is really a moment of transformation and should be appreciated as such. You have just joined the ranks [...]

Designing for AI-enhanced Experiences

By Andrew Foley Barriers are continually dissolving when it comes to the capabilities of machine learning programs. As an experience strategy and design professional, I find myself asking more frequently, “Are there relevant design principles I should consider when creating these new types of digital experiences?” Many of these platforms have an opacity that can [...]

4 Situations Where an Experience Strategy Can Help You Right Now

By Andrew Foley Picture this familiar scenario: you are the Head of UX for a leading regional bank. This bank has its eyes on growth, particularly through acquisitions into new geographies and introductions of new products to existing customers. Additionally, you face enormous pressure to get a wave of mobile applications out the door. Meanwhile, [...]