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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Journey Maps Improve Customer Experience

by The TandemSeven Experts Like any insights-driven communication tool, a journey map is only as good as the change it drives. You may have already done the work to set up your journey mapping project for success. But, the creation of an insightful and visually compelling customer journey map is only the starting point to [...]

Set Up Your Customer Journey Mapping Project for Success

By The TandemSeven Team Successful customer journey mapping projects don’t just happen by accident. They require careful planning and cross-functional collaboration and management. Many companies make decisions within functional or organizational silos. But customers’ experiences typically aren’t confined to these silos. Customers usually interact with organizations across touchpoints that are influenced by a variety of [...]

How to Build a Customer Journey Map that Works

By The TandemSeven Experts If you’ve searched for information about how to build a customer journey map, you’ve likely encountered a dizzying array of different approaches. Your search may have left you asking questions like: Why do journey maps all look so different from one another? Where should I start if I’m interested in creating [...]

5 Ways Customer Journey Mapping Can Transform Your Business Right Now

By The TandemSeven Experts Customer journey mapping is a technique that is growing in popularity, not only with customer experience (CX) professionals, but also within marketing, customer service, user experience (UX), product management and IT. Customer journey mapping helps you to visualize your customer’s experience from the customer’s point of view, across all the different [...]

How to Get your CX and UX Teams Working Together [Slideshare]

By The TandemSeven Experts It’s no secret that the way to dominate in the digital age is to maximize your customer’s end-to-end customer experience (CX). A major part of a successful customer experience is the contributions from a user experience (UX) team. However, UX initiatives and CX initiatives don’t always mesh. Sometimes, CX teams appear to [...]