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Mapping the Patient Journey: A Case Study

By Ezra Schwartz Many healthcare organizations today are focusing on understanding the patient journey, as they operate in a competitive landscape that is driven by Meaningful Use policies and [...]

8 Essential Elements of Your Agile UX Playbook [Infographic]

By Yael Alpert, Katrina Berlin Benco, and Mundi Morgado In today’s business climate, there is increased attention and urgency focused on creating and improving digital experiences. However, the absence [...]

How to Set Your Digital Strategy in Motion [Infographic]

By Andrew Foley and Frank Donofrio Larger enterprises have an extremely diverse set of challenges. For instance, the large variety of product groups and/or business units often leads to redundant and overlapping [...]

6 Reasons for Employing Component-based UI Development

By Damien Scott and Mundi Morgado IT leaders claim that component-based UI development isn’t just the future of the web. It is a technique that digital application owners need [...]

A 5-Point Plan for Improving Employee Engagement

By Lauren Dillard Your employees have a significant impact on the quality of the experience you deliver to your customers. As more and more organizations focus on improving their [...]

How to Digitally Transform the Wealth Management Experience

By Michelle Palomera Wealth management is undergoing enormous changes. As new technologies and business models transform the investment experience, emerging generations have different needs and requirements. Tech-savvy users are [...]

How to Get Started with React [Slideshare]

By Nathan Smith There are a myriad of options for architectural approaches today. Rapid innovation and constant learning are critical for thriving in today’s front-end development landscape. As such, [...]

4 Ways to Empower Employees to Rock at Customer Experience!

A Guest Post By Heather Younger of Customer Fanatix "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who inspire others." Bill Gates. It is quite obvious [...]

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