By Andrew Foley and Frank Donofrio

Larger enterprises have an extremely diverse set of challenges. For instance, the large variety of product groups and/or business units often leads to redundant and overlapping sets of customer personas, their needs and their journeys. In addition, there are also often multiple stakeholders and ambiguous boundaries of ownership for different processes and systems. Lastly, different technology stacks and protocols often result from mergers and acquisitions. Eventually, the day will come when alignment, simplification, and the need for speed become imperative to maintain (or attain) competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world.

This is the day that a digital strategy moves from being a ‘nice-to-have’ to being central to investment decisions for the next 12 months. For example, once you figure out the best technical architecture, you need to know how to get there through a pragmatic roadmap. Once you have defined new patterns and standards, you need to know which applications to consolidate, retire, and enhance. What are the tools and processes that can help out?

We created an infographic to illustrate a roadmap to set your digital strategy in motion. Since the process is dynamic and adaptive, we thought a cheetah would be the most suitable visual representation.

Let’s take a look at how to put together the CHEETAH your platform needs to be. Click on the infographic directly below.

Text from “How to Set Your Digital Strategy in Motion

The day will come for large enterprise technology organizations when alignment, simplification, and the need for speed become imperative to maintain or attain competitive advantage.


Current Platform
Understand the current state of your systems, digital assets, and processes. Define a comprehensive understanding of your digital platform with gaps and areas of strength highlighted.

Perform observations and a structured analysis of customers and the full range of user types. Gain deeper insights into behaviors and needs from clients and users seeking to purchase products, working at their desk, or in mobile contexts


Technical Architecture
Define a new technical architecture with components. Stack recommendations that are based on your business drivers and planned roadmap for growth.

Personas/Journey Maps
Compose a set of user personas that illustrate key behaviors, needs, and technographics. Take these individuals through a journey representing their lifecycle of engagement. Identify where there are break points and drop-offs. Devise a future vision for the journey as it will look in 2-3 years.


Technical POC
Develop and integrate a promising new technology with key components in your existing stack. Showcase realistic data and mitigate aspects of the development risk.

Experience Concept
Show how the newly envisioned experience could unfold through a combination of interactive mockups and storyboards. Link this visual representation to key constituencies and business drivers.


Assemble a multi-faceted release plan that includes key dependencies and enabling technologies. Ensure that each major release serves a critical mass of constituents and renders a cohesive impact on the experience.

Initiate new processes and organizational models to promote clear and efficient behaviors for ownership, approvals, and adoption of best practices. Make these new procedures and teams lightweight and nimble.


Build & Deploy
Develop the new solution, associated services, and components using Agile methods as appropriate. Develop in such a way as to promote reuse and meaningful abstraction.

Dev Ops
Refine your entire development pipeline from the earliest prototype in a Dev sandbox to production deployment to be as fast as possible. Automate and streamline code builds and testing to minimize manual workarounds.


Agile, Nimble, Adaptive, Fast

Today is the day your digital strategy moves from being a nice-to-have to being central to the set of investment decisions for the next 12 months. Together, we can make your platform a cheetah!

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