Application Development

Our skilled team of solution architects, user interface (UI) engineers and software developers bring your digital experiences to life through high-performance web, mobile and wearable applications.

Application Architecture

A winning solution requires an understanding of how technology choices affect the user experience, scalability, extensibility and maintainability of a solution. Our architects combine deep vertical industry and enterprise expertise with hands-on experience implementing a wide range of technologies and platforms to determine the most appropriate technical approach.

We work with you to:

  • Define an architecture aligned to the solution requirements that cover the user interface, application, data and integration tiers
  • Ensure that security and compliance requirements are addressed
  • Execute formal product evaluations and selections
  • Define an architecture blueprint to guide the implementation

The result is an architecture that is responsive, resilient, elastic, and message driven, ensuring a high level of adoption and user satisfaction.

User Interface Engineering

Even the best designs can be hampered by poor execution. That’s why we believe user interface (UI) engineering is a critical component of user experience. Our team of expert user interface engineers work closely with our design team to deliver against the vision defined for the user experience. Leveraging our Front-end Development Center, we provide an onshore co-located team that applies agile principles to optimize the delivery process and deliver a cost-effective solution for omni-channel application development.

Our team can help you:

  • Modernize your user interface architecture
  • Migrate from legacy frameworks like Flex to HTML5
  • Reduce time for adoption and training on new frameworks using our starter kits
  • Implement the user interface for new and existing applications
  • Establish an “Interactive Style Guide” that accelerates development and ensures alignment to the design direction

We have deep expertise in:

  • Web Technologies
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • JavaScript
  • UI Frameworks and Libraries
    • React
    • Angular
    • Backbone
  • Platforms
    • Node

Software Development

TandemSeven provides full life cycle services to define, design, develop and test complete web, mobile, and cloud solutions. We bring together multi-disciplinary teams to implement the underlying service layer, business logic, database and integrations. Our rigorous development process ensures that your solution meets enterprise standards for security, performance, scalability and supportability.

We have deep expertise in:

  • Technologies
    • Play Framework
    • Spring Framework
    • ASP .NET MVC
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • Oracle Database
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Portals
    • Liferay Portal
    • IBM WebSphere
    • Oracle WebCenter Portal
    • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Search
    • SOLR
    • Elastic Search
    • Microsoft Search
    • Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • Content Management
    • Alfresco
    • Adobe CQ
    • Microsoft SharePoint