Experience Design

Our accomplished experience architects and visual designers employ conventional and agile UX methods to design data-intense web, mobile and wearable applications.

Persona and User Modeling

Personas are an essential ingredient for any organization moving to implement a customer-centric experience strategy. Through techniques such as contextual inquiry, TandemSeven designers gain a deep understanding of your customers and users—and then translate this research into rich personas and user profiles to clarify their most important needs, behaviors, preferences, and tasks.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is the practice of connecting the digital world to the human one. Our experience architects perform both the research and design work to ensure your solution will deliver an outstanding experience. We employ wireframing, storyboarding and prototyping to design interfaces that are efficient for expert users, while guiding novice users through complex processes.

Visual Design

Elements such as layout, color, typography, and spacing are critical to ensuring users understand an interface. Our visual designers work iteratively from early concepts to polished design, to ensure you see every step of the process. We work from your existing brand and style guidelines or develop a new digital brand.

Usability Engineering

The effectiveness of any design can only be validated by measuring the extent to which the product or service enables the customer or user to achieve their goals. We use a variety of tools, including interactive prototypes, paper prototypes and surveys, to test our designs using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

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