About Phil Goddard

Phil has been innovating in the field of user experience for almost two decades. His visual mind and depth of expertise in the science of human performance provided the perfect launching point for a successful career in user interface research and design. An innovator and pioneer, Phil is focusing on the development and services for TandemSeven’s UX360 platform product to change the way UX is done at the enterprise level. Over the last 20 years Phil has researched, designed and tested over 150 interfaces across multiple industries and domains, including major user experience initiatives for Avery-Dennison, Bloomingdale’s, CapGroup, Citibank, Dell, HP, Macy's, TD Financial Services, Walmart and Wellpoint. Innovation and method are key to Phil’s unique long-term success. With an innate desire to deliver maximum quality with the path of least action, Phil has been instrumental in experimenting, defining and formalizing user-centered design methodologies that are practical, effective and repeatable in the world of business.

How to Put Customer Research to Work

In a sense, we’re all becoming research psychologists as we strive to understand and serve every dimension of the customer. This post will discuss how to put customer research to work to foster a more customer-centric organization. By Phil Goddard A recent CEO Survey by Gartner Research confirmed that customer experience management is [...]

7 Keys to Creating Winning Enterprise-level Personas

There are so many good resources on what personas are and how to create them. Learn some of the common challenges UX and CX teams encounter when creating a common set of personas at the enterprise level. By Phil Goddard For all the good, bad and ugly, most UX and CX practitioners agree that [...]

5 Essential Components of Effective Customer Journey Maps

Journey maps are emerging as a key tool for managing enterprise customer and user experience programs. If you're new to customer experience you may be wondering what a journey map is, while more experienced UX/CX pros often have strong positions on what a journey map is and is not. In this post, we'll take [...]

Employ a CX Center of Excellence for Consistently Better Customer Experiences

Eighty-nine percent of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016, according to a recent survey by the Gartner Group. As a result, many organizations have either completed or are now embarking on projects to document, assess, and ultimately improve their customer experience. The increased attention and urgency [...]