About David Clark

As the vice president for design at TandemSeven, David leads our effort to deliver high quality, intuitive user experiences for our clients' portals and web-based applications. To this role, he brings over twenty years of award winning interface design and design management expertise across a multitude of industries. Most significantly, David drives the effort to create user experiences that win the loyalty of their target audience. David works very closely with clients and leads major design projects.

7 Steps to an Effective Current-State Customer Journey Mapping Process

Walk through 7 steps for developing an effective current-state journey map. Current-state journey maps describe the customer journey as it is in the present moment. Creating a current-state journey map provides a thorough understanding of your current customer experience—a critical first step before deciding on the best ways to make improvements. By David Clark  [...]

Accommodating Global Customers, Enabling Productivity Gains

Learn how Thomson CompuMark leveraged global user research to create an environment that provides a consistent user experience and delivers real productivity gains for their clients. The presenters demonstrate how user research results were instrumental in prioritizing requirements. They also share how the new environment is improving user efficiency while enabling a seamless brand experience.