About Damien Scott

Damien Scott has over 20 years of experience designing, architecting, and building software solutions and commercial software products for the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. He combines his industry knowledge and technology experience to design and deliver solutions architected to meet today’s requirements and is extensible to meet future needs.

Making the Case for a UI Service Layer

Ask a front-end developer to list the biggest obstacles to delivering on-time, quality user interfaces and “complex service integration” will be near the top of that list. In this article, we discuss issues surrounding front-end/back-end integration and present the case for a User Interface (UI) Service Layer. We’ll compare Falcor and GraphQL as possible solutions. [...]

6 Reasons for Employing Component-based UI Development

IT leaders claim that component-based UI development isn’t just the future of the web.  It is a technique that digital application owners need to implement right now.  Developing with a component-based user interface creates a sustainable technical architecture, saving time and costs. It also ensures a consistent experience across a portfolio of applications.  In the [...]

How to Save your User Experience with the Right Front End Development Team

By Damien Scott and John Jenson Imagine this: you're tasked with building an application with front end development components. You find a solid offshore firm that has amazingly low rates, so you go for it. Since using an offshore firm means that your new team is only awake when you are sleeping, you have to [...]

Flex to HTML5 Migration: A 5-Step Assessment Framework

by Damien Scott and Mundi Morgado Adobe Flex is dead. Now what? Owners of Flex applications, such as product managers and IT directors, are now faced with the task of updating a long list of legacy web applications. So, how do you move your business forward while transitioning applications to a new platform as [...]