About Gary DeAsi

Gary DeAsi is a global digital marketing and demand generation expert with a passion for technology, content and thinking both analytically and creatively to overcome business challenges at every stage of the customer journey. Also an expert in lead nurturing and marketing automation, Gary has been honored as a three-time Marketo Champion and two-time Marketo Revvie Award winner. Connect with Gary on Twitter and Linkedin, and check out his latest posts at Customer Journey Marketer, his blog about the art and science of aligning digital marketing with the modern customer journey.

Why the Customer Journey is Your New Marketing Funnel

Over the course of the past ten years or so, marketers’ focus has slid further and further down the marketing funnel and across the customer life-cycle to encompass the entire customer journey. First it was driving traffic and generating net new leads/names to fill the marketing database. Next came MQL and SQL definitions which [...]

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