About Josh Barr

Joshua Barr has been a user experience practitioner for over 20 years and is an expert in all facets of user centered design methodology with particular emphasis on contextual inquiry, work practice modeling, and building realistic prototypes using Axure RP and HTML/CSS. At TandemSeven, Josh has led several portal and web application projects, including designs for desktop and mobile devices.

t7 Talks: Creating Accessible Digital Experiences

In this episode we’re tackling creating accessible digital experiences that work for everyone. User experience teams must take into account that people are searching and arriving on your website or mobile app from all different walks of life. Accommodating the spectrum of physical and cognitive abilities is a challenge in both design and development. Addressing [...]

Why Most Corporate Software Stinks, and How Contextual Inquiry Can Improve It

Corporate software usually consists of layers on top of layers of legacy systems, each with its own look and feel, none of which are designed to support how people really work. To improve the often dismal experience of using corporate software, I recommend observing customer-facing employees firsthand using contextual inquiry, and using the results [...]