About John Jenson

John is an experienced software engineer that has been building software for the web for over 12 years. He has a long track record of building trusted relationships with clients and delivering their projects successfully. He is an expert in JEE full stack development, and has experience leading teams, large and small alike. He has extensive experience with concurrent programming and developing parallel processing algorithms. Because of his technical expertise, he is often chosen to tackle the most complex engineering problems wherever he goes.

Performance Comparison: Java vs Node

If you spend much time searching the web to figure out whether Java or Node is faster, you will find plenty of people claiming that Node is faster, and a slew of others claiming the exact opposite. Simply put, Java’s performance is amazing. Java can even outperform C++ because of the genius of its JIT [...]

Node: A Compelling Choice for Java Developers

If your development background is anything like mine, then you probably think writing server side code in JavaScript is a terrible idea. JavaScript likely seems like an immature language that lacks basic object oriented capabilities, and you may have even gotten burned by horribly written JavaScript front-ends that were insufferable to maintain. If you are [...]