About Katrina Berlin Benco

In the mid nineties, Katrina was the victim of hard-to-learn and unintuitive software and knew there had to be a better way. She dropped everything and made it her mission to ensure that all software she touched was intuitive and engaging, but most importantly, included the actual users at the center of the software design and development process. Katrina brings 17 years of IT experience with 15 as a user experience expert to TandemSeven’s clients. She uses her skills in user experience design, visual design, user research, product and project management to lead projects to design complex web and mobile apps.

6 Best Practices for Integrating Design Thinking into an Agile Project

Design Thinking is a new label for the User Experience process we’ve been employing for years as it is a human-centered approach to designing products and experiences. By Katrina Benco What is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a people-centered model that encourages creativity and innovation to create a product or [...]

8 Essential Elements of Your Agile UX Playbook [Infographic]

In today’s business climate, there is increased attention and urgency focused on creating and improving digital experiences. However, the absence of standards to organize these efforts can result in under-leveraged insights, unsupported teams, and inconsistent and complex experiences. This is particularly true for the Agile UX practice, which involves fast and effective direct interaction and [...]

5 Signs You’re Creating Personas That Won’t Be Effective

Personas are a popular digital design asset, but creating personas that aren't effective can lead to customer and user experiences that are disconnected, broken, or incomplete. In this blog, I’ll discuss the warning signs for creating personas incorrectly, and give you tips to ensure your personas are realistic, useful, and don’t get stuck on [...]

Effective Customer Journey Maps [Infographic]

As businesses grapple with how to deliver a spectacular customer experience, customer journey maps have become must-have items. Journey maps are a way to instantly arm your business with data and insight on how customers interact with your brand. These maps visualize what it's like to be your customer—quickly and efficiently. [...]