About Lauren Dillard

Though Lauren’s career began in traditional print journalism, it was at a time when journalists began leveraging technology to tell better stories. First as a reporter, and eventually as a page designer and editor, Lauren has always been fascinated by the intersection of technology, content and human nature.  Lauren brings more than a decade of user-centered design, content development and communication experience to TandemSeven. She uses skills in user experience research, product development, project management, content strategy, visual design and marketing to develop omnichannel product strategy for TandemSeven's clients.

A 5-Point Plan for Improving Employee Engagement

Your employees have a significant impact on the quality of the experience you deliver to your customers. As more and more organizations focus on improving their customer experience as a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors and spur growth, more attention is being paid toward understanding and optimizing the employee experience. As a result, [...]

A 5-Point Plan for Improving Employee Engagement 2017-06-02T09:08:09-04:00