About Mundi Morgado

With 18 years of experience, Mundi has successfully led Front-End development efforts for countless large-scale enterprise business applications. As director of TandemSeven’s Front-End Practice, he guides the development of engineering best practices, and provides leadership across projects. He has deep expertise in all aspects of Front-End technology including responsive design techniques, open source frameworks, accessibility, performance optimization, and development operations.

How to Migrate Google Web Toolkit Applications

Learn why it’s time to leave GWT behind, and get effective ways to migrate your GWT applications.    By Mundi Morgado, Damien Scott, and Edward Han Google Web Toolkit applications are dinosaurs in today’s instant, responsive world. Google Web Toolkit, or GWT, is an open source toolkit that allows developers to [...]

How to Migrate Google Web Toolkit Applications 2017-08-07T16:20:40-04:00