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How and Why Personas Can Be a Powerful Part of Your Toolkit

Personas have been a major component in my user experience toolkit for many years now. I’ve used them in my own design work. I’ve helped organizations create and share personas across the enterprise. Now I’m working on a software product to help manage the persona process. I was recently asked to explain personas to an [...]

Are UX teams still working in the garage?

In a previous blog I suggested that most UX teams are surprisingly under-served with tools to support the work they do. "It’s really annoying when I have to unplug the drill to use the saw or the sander.  If I did this for a living I’d probably have to figure out how to get 'em [...]

Effectiveness of Personas When Developing Employee-Facing Applications

This post is another follow up to our recent webinar on How Persona Tools and Processes Can Help You Create Applications That Engage and Delight Users. One of the attendees asked: "Could you talk a bit about the effectiveness of personas when developing internal "employee-facing" applications? A lot of stakeholders find the "personalization" aspects confusing." [...]

Convincing Other Departments to Work with Personas

We recently held a webinar on How to Create Applications that Engage and Delight Users: Persona Tools and Processes that Fuel New Product Success. We received some great questions from our attendees during the event. This post shares the answer to one of the questions: How do you convince other departments (e.g.development, product management) to start [...]

Benefits of Using Personas and User Profiles Together

User profiles and personas are similar in that they both provide information about your user population that can be used to design better applications. As I described in my last post Why User Research and Personas are Critical When Designing Business Apps, in order to be accurate and effective, both personas and user profiles should [...]

Why User Research & Personas are Critical When Developing Business Apps

It is widely known that persona development, which seeks to zero-in on "customer" behavior and characteristics, has greatly enhanced marketing and merchandizing strategy in the consumer retail space. By creating a concise set of customer descriptions that embody the major differences in purchasing behavior in their stores, retailers have refocused their messaging and product offerings [...]

Two Critical Considerations Before Building a Prototype

A successful prototype requires proper planning and validation. Before building a prototype companies should consider the following: Factor time and resources for the prototype into the project plan. Developing a prototype will add time for both developers and designers, and the project plan should allocate the necessary resources and include these costs. Plan for an [...]

How Liferay Supports & Integrates with RIA Technologies

Technology supporting RIAs has been around for several years and numerous frameworks exist to support them. Some of the more prevalent platforms are listed below: jQuery – A popular JavaScript framework that provides rich support for creating client side browser applications. YUI – Another popular JavaScript framework, Yahoo UI Library is a high-performance and flexible [...]