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Does Your Portal Platform Provide Integration with Social Networks?

Social Networking is becoming an important feature to leverage in providing user experiences that return real business value. Leading online retailers are using social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to create powerful customer experiences that increase site traffic and business. Additionally, there is a plethora of third party gadgets that have large [...]

Mobile Dev Vs Traditional Web Portal Dev Initiatives

Here are some thoughts on some of the differences in approach regarding mobile versus traditional web portal development initiatives: 1. Strategy. A company needs to carefully focus on the highest value usage scenarios while thinking through the mobile touch points within context of the entire ‘day in the life’—not just specific workflows of a customer. [...]

Liferay Enterprise Portal Native CMS & Integration Capabilities

Most portals and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) combine functionality with content, usually a mix of HTML, documents, images or video. Earlier portal platforms relied on external Content Management Systems (CMS) to achieve this functionality. However, the convergence of CMS and portals is becoming more prevalent. Good portal platforms not only have their own content management [...]

Six Benefits of Interactive Prototypes

Creating a prototype that demonstrates functionality of an application in development can positively impact final design as well as the overall project. Here are six ways interactive prototypes can help your application initiative: 1. Bringing the user interface design to life. While end users can view and comment on a paper-based version of an application, [...]

Creating a Culture of Customer Centricity

Customer experience suddenly is king. We hear it in the conferences and we hear it in the boardrooms--never has customer experience been so keenly on the minds of business leaders. Suddenly we see the rise of the CXO (chief experience officer) with newly found mandates—handed down to their internal UX teams--to deliver their roadmaps for [...]

The Power of Mobile and Tablet Applications in Financial Services

Mobile has become a critical part of companies’ overall customer experience and IT strategies. Mobile and tablet devices provide a way for organizations to create competitive advantage as well as innovate and test new ideas. At TandemSeven, we are seeing particularly high demand from clients in the institutional and corporate banking and wealth management space, [...]

Persona Modeling Leads to UX ROI

What do successful tablet, mobile, portal and business application projects have in common? At TandemSeven, we would argue all require a great user experience. Relevant features and functionality are important, but if users cannot easily access or interact with them, your efforts may fail. Employing a user-centered design and development process is a proven method [...]

How Liferay Integrates with Identity Management Systems

The foundations for providing secure access to information and rich personalized experiences are based on authentication and permissions. Most organizations have existing personnel databases and related authentication mechanisms already in place. Two-factor authentication is very common in the financial sector. The portal platform must be able to integrate with these authentication environments. Some common identity [...]

Open Source Technology for Strategic Projects

Over the past 12 months, many organizations have been either considering or implementing open source technologies for strategic projects. It's no surprise that the benefits of cost, flexibility, functionality and speed to implementation are garnering so much attention. Liferay is an open source platform earning favorable reviews from analysts, including Gartner and Forrester. From a [...]

How Liferay Supports Rich Web Experiences

Can your Web platform easily support the types of rich interactions and Web user experiences that are expected by today's savvy users? Web 2.0 is an overused buzz term that can mean many different things. One common characteristic of a Web 2.0 application is a good user experience. From a UI perspective, this often means [...]