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Is Your Portal Platform Standards Based?

The portal platform you select should be based on modern technology standards, rather than proprietary technology. There are several reasons this is important: Resources. Finding resources with experience on standards-based technology is typically easier than finding resources for a vendor solution requiring a high degree of proprietary domain knowledge to implement. Interoperability. Standards provide higher [...]

Practical Tips & Considerations Regarding the Liferay Portal Platform

There are many choices when it comes to selecting an enterprise portal or Web platform. The proliferation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and occasionally connected endpoint devices such as mobile phones and tablets, is making the right platform choice more and more critical. This post ask two critical questions about portal platforms, and provides practical tips and considerations as [...]

Three Tips for Ensuring Enteprise Portal Adoption

Ensuring high adoption of a portal—as with all successful technology solutions—starts with a firm understanding of user needs, and is followed by a design crafted on principals and insights that effectively address those needs. What make portals unique are the user expectations for breadth and integration. This post focuses on enterprise portals—business-to-employee solutions that consolidate [...]

Part 2 Modifying Scrum to Marry UCD and Agile – Modification 2: Half-phase offset

Our last post outlined the similarities between user-centered design best practices and agile development best practices; introduced how TandemSeven makes four ‘modifications’ to a typical scrum process to arrive at a modified scrum; and described Modification 1: Minimal upfront user interface design. This post discusses Modification 2: Half-phase offset. Let’s start off by comparing another [...]

The Difference Between User Experience and Usability: What Matters and What Works

For me, user experience is about answering the question “Does it matter?” and usability is about answering the question “Does it work?” Great products and services come about when the answer to both questions is yes. However, a product can be successful when it does something users really care about even if usability is not [...]

Content Planning for Web Sites, Intranets and Portals

This blog post highlights the topic of content strategy and is an excerpt from my white paper, Creating Effective User-Focused Content for Web Sites, Portals and Intranets (Part 1 of 4). Content is planned for a project based on business goals and user needs. Planning includes tasks such as defining needed content, content tone, content [...]

Part 1 Modifying Scrum to Marry User-Centered Design with Agile Development

Much has been said on the differences between a user-centered design methodology and the practice of an agile development team. In fact, many practitioners believe the two cannot coexist. However, in order to understand how to achieve the benefits of user-centered design during Agile development, it is best to recognize what they share in common: [...]