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Six Interaction Design Tips

Have you heard the phrase "Form follows function" by Louis Henry Sullivan? Well, interaction design is the "function" and visual design is the "form." Interaction design defines how a user interface works—how the application is organized, which user interface controls are on each page, what a user clicks on, and what happens after the user [...]

Basic Principles for Web Accessibility

Until we look closely around us, we often don’t see there is a significant population of people who were born with, or who have acquired deficits which affect their ability to interact with technology. The largest population affected includes all of us. That is, we will likely all have deficits that come with age. However, [...]

Financial Services: Strategically Acting in Tumultuous Times

How are financial services companies reacting, and more importantly, strategically acting, in these tumultuous times? Having worked with many firms on Wall Street for over fifteen years, I've seen many different business drivers come and go. More recently, a few of the "usual suspects" have become prevalent and are causing companies to implement new processes, [...]

Object-Oriented Approach to Design – A simplified method to design and define RIAs

How do you show on paper something that is dynamic? This is the challenge faced when designing rich internet applications (RIA) or very complex applications with many business rules. TandemSeven has developed a technique which makes it easy to design and document a RIA: Object-oriented approach to design (OOd). Since OOd is a visual language [...]

Accessibility for Users with Disabilities

Should we design user interfaces that are accessible to users with disabilities? First, let’s define some important terms. What is a disability? A disability is a functional limitation in vision, hearing, movement, manipulation (for example, fine movements to use a mouse), speech, or interpretation of information (for example, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments). A functional [...]