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The Real Value of User-Centric Design

While the awareness of user experience has increased dramatically in recent years, there are still some misconceptions regarding the value and how to best integrate the insights of this discipline into your product development efforts. Some organizations are even hesitant to implement a robust user experience program due to a misunderstanding or lack of experience [...]

Survey: How Your Customer Experience Program Stacks Up

Last year, Gartner reached out to 189 executive leaders and asked how they measured the success of their customer experience program. 107 of those respondents chose not to answer the question. We conducted our own survey to dig deeper to understand what a successful CX program looks like. See our results. By The [...]

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Journey Maps Improve Customer Experience

Here are 6 tips for how you can make your journey map stick within your organization after you build the map. All of these tips support CX-driven change toward a more customer-centric organization. by The TandemSeven Experts Creating Your Journey Maps is the Beginning, Not the End Like any insights-driven communication tool, [...]

Set Up Your Customer Journey Mapping Project for Success

Successful customer journey mapping projects don’t just happen by accident. They require careful planning and cross-functional collaboration and management. See the 5 steps accomplished teams use to set the stage for journey mapping success. By the TandemSeven Team Successful customer journey mapping projects don’t just happen by accident. They require [...]

How to Set the Stage for Journey Mapping Success

With an increasing number of companies prioritizing the improvement of their customer experience, CX professionals have quickly turned to customer journey mapping as a means to deepen customer understanding, break down siloed behaviors, and inject customer thinking into the design process. However, these objectives remain elusive for many companies, overlooking the key success factors to drive effective journey mapping at their organization.

How to Build a Customer Journey Map that Works

If you’ve searched for information about how to build a customer journey map, you’ve likely encountered a dizzying array of different approaches. Your search may have left you asking questions like: Why do journey maps all look so different from one another? Where should I start if I’m interested in creating a journey map? [...]

5 Ways Customer Journey Mapping Can Transform Your Business Right Now

Customer journey maps are emerging as an effective communication, decision-making, and governance tool. Review five scenarios where they can serve as a powerful tool for transforming your organization. By The TandemSeven Experts Customer journey mapping is a technique that is growing in popularity, not only with customer experience (CX) professionals, [...]

25 CX Influencers You Should Know

In the spirit of CX Day, we at TandemSeven decided to assemble a list of 25 thought leaders and influencers in the CX space whom we want to celebrate today. If you're not following these CX thought leaders, click on their Twitter handles below to find out more about them. By The [...]

How an Engagement Leader Can Help You Make Friends with Project Risk

In a perfect world, your design and development projects proceed seamlessly and finish with zero issues. But, in the real world, things happen; and not managing project risks can result in costly outcomes. Risk can impact the entire project team and its stakeholders, from business line leadership to the designers, developers, and QA testers in [...]

How to Get your CX and UX Teams Working Together [Slideshare]

Today, your organization's success depends on unifying your CX and UX teams and processes. To help you overcome the historical, organizational, process and technology challenges you're facing, read the following presentation, “How to Get Your CX and UX Teams Working Together”. The presentation discusses 3 ways to leverage the strengths from both types of [...]