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How to Get your CX and UX Teams Working Together [Slideshare]

Today, your organization's success depends on unifying your CX and UX teams and processes. To help you overcome the historical, organizational, process and technology challenges you're facing, read the following presentation, “How to Get Your CX and UX Teams Working Together”. The presentation discusses 3 ways to leverage the strengths from both types of [...]

The Key to Using Analytics as a Competitive Weapon in Financial Services

By Michelle Palomera Today’s sophisticated technology solutions make data and analytics more accessible than ever. Financial institutions in particular have data from a variety of sources across new and legacy platforms, and face a myriad of challenges in integrating this information across multiple channels. However, there are tremendous opportunities to take advantage of. The challenge many [...]

How to Use Customer Experience to Fend Off the ‘Uber-isation’ of Banking

By The TandemSeven Experts The “Uber-isation” of financial services firms has forever transformed the traditional customer-bank relationship. By this, I mean that banking processes are now just one mobile click away. However, banks mired in old systems are struggling to keep up with their clients’ high expectations for a seamless customer experience. New data from [...]

How to Build a Bridge Between CX and UX

While CX and UX often share similar goals, they utilize very different approaches. Are you taking full advantage of their complementary strengths? In this free webinar, Forrester analyst Leah Buley reviews findings from her latest research and shares new insights on the current state of CX/UX organizational structures, how to optimally allocate responsibilities and identify opportunities for collaboration and approaches to build a UX/CX operating model that leverages the best of both disciplines.

UX and CX: Maximize the Value of Your User Experience Team

By The TandemSeven Experts As organizations position to win in the digital age, the lines between online and offline channels, and front-office and back-office functions, are blurring. Investments must maximize value to target customers across all channels and touch points: the entire end-to-end “customer experience” (CX). A major contributor to a successful customer experience, especially [...]

Maximizing Portal Investments with a UX Needs Matrix

Learn how U.S. Bank is using a single portal installation to serve multiple business lines. The presenters will reveal how a UX Needs Matrix, created using TandemSeven's UX360 platform, is helping the company understand how user needs align across business lines, identify user adoption thresholds, prioritize projects using personas, and lower cost through leveraged investments.

We’ve Entered the Age of the Customer. Are You Prepared to Respond?

Learn the process and technologies Northern Trust used to build their wealth management passport while focusing entirely on the needs of the customer. Guest presenters Bill Doyle, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Robert Mihalkanin, VP at Northern Trust discuss the challenges companies face when trying to respond to the ever-growing need to obsess over the customer.

Project Management Excellence: Appreciating the Plan

Our last installment talked about the fact that a project plan is only as good as the day you drive it off the lot. That said, it’s important for everyone in any way associated with that plan to understand a few things: 1) the overall desired outcome for what you’re planning, 2) the key milestones [...]