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Emerging Technologies

Leverage the newest technologies to meet your customer needs and future product goals

Emerging Technologies

Leverage the newest technologies to meet your customer needs and future product goals

Optimize the Experience by Embracing Emerging Technologies in the Best Way

Expert Help and Insight

We help you understand how new technologies fit into your digital product direction. Our experience design and technology evangelists continually evaluate new modes of interaction and disruptive technologies to understand the implications for the end user and our client’s digital ecosystem. If you are asking yourself how and where to adopt artificial intelligence, chatbots, natural language input or simply positioning within mobile for the future, we can help.

Active Mentoring and Coaching

We provide support and training to your teams to be able to support the new environment. We do this by integrating into your teams and environment, by working side by side with them, taking responsibility for developing reference architectures, components and frameworks and finally by running actual training sessions and code walkthroughs to convey best practices.

Architecting for the Evolving Experience Ecosystem

Our team is well versed in the various puzzle pieces, how they need to flex and scale and fit together, and which ones are likely to disappear or transform and how to plan for that. We leverage your team’s subject matter and current state knowledge and partner with them to create a future –proof architecture that incorporates new and emerging technologies in a smart way.

“We strive for innovation in everything we do. Our consultants are constantly looking to improve the process of adopting and delivering new technologies to help our clients be successful.”

Damien Scott, Vice President, Consulting Technology

“We strive for innovation in everything we do. Our consultants are constantly looking to improve the process of adopting and delivering new technologies to help our clients be successful.”

Damien Scott, Vice President, Consulting Technology

Some of the Emerging Technology Areas We Are Working In

Front-end Frameworks Enabling Component Development

React, Angular, Ember, Backbone…which is going to position our teams to optimize the user interface development cycle and deliver a consistent a robust solution with a focus on reuse. We have seen React emerge as the leading framework for delivering reusable components within a comprehensive Design System. Understanding the landscape quickly and the long-term implications can be challenging. Our team can help you to get to a decision and provide a starting point and training for your team.


Helping our clients to navigate the choice between AWS, Azure and other cloud platforms. We have experience delivering digital applications on these cloud platforms and a deep understanding of the implications of each platform. How do the services available deliver value within your digital ecosystem? Which aligns best to your company’s long-term direction?

Design Systems

Our experience innovation team has been developing design system tools that accelerate innovation for both our teams and our clients. The core idea of a design system has been present for quite some time but now they are beginning to get their proper place within the design and development world as organizations are looking to leverage their design and development efforts and get their products and applications in production more rapidly. Design Systems contains both design principles and working examples of design elements, components, and layout. An underlying HTML markup accompanies each example and can be copy/pasted to ensure consistency and reduce errors HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is validated and tested across target browsers and WCAG 2.0 AA and can be leveraged for production environments.


Our team has been dabbling in distributed ledger systems to understand how we can assist our clients in testing this to drive efficiency and cost reduction in internal workflows as the industries are moving to adopt this on a larger scale. We are actively seeking projects to transform workflows and portions of the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

We are working actively with our clients to design interfaces and dashboards that incorporate pattern recognition and machine learning into the way that data is prioritized and presented. The emphasis is on enhancing the quality and speed of decision making. Examples include risk management dashboards that proactively highlight potential areas of concern and contextual action utilities that dynamically prioritize the most impactful next steps for a user trying to decide between dozens of possibilities. Additionally, we have thought through some of the essential design considerations for AI enhanced experiences.

Identity and Access Management

There is a continued shifting to Cloud based security platforms from on premise. What are the implications for your organization from a compliance, regulatory and user experience? We have experience with the leading platforms, including Okta, Ping Identity, and Duo.

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Meet Our People
Mundi Morgado

Mundi Morgado

Practice Director, Front-End
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John Jenson

Technology Director
Damien Scott

Damien Scott

Vice President, Technology
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