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Accelerate your digital
transformation through a
customer-centric lens

Accelerate your digital
transformation through a
customer-centric lens

Eighty percent of organizations say they will compete on customer experience (CX) — but few are prepared to do so. Success requires a journey-driven digital transformation approach—to reimagine, design, and engineer experiences that instinctively map to customer and employee needs.

From whiteboard to roll-out, journey-driven transformation is an end-to-end approach from customer-centered digital strategy through platform design and engineering.

Customer Experience Innovation is in our DNA

From white board to roll-out, we help you reimagine, design, and engineer world-class experiences

TandemSeven, a Genpact company, is a pioneer in journey-driven transformation for Fortune 1000 organizations. Our clients include leading brands inFinancial Services, Insurance, High Tech, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Manufacturing, and LifeSciences.

Our continuum of services includes uncovering insights into the motivations and behaviors of users, speeding product and platform development, fostering collaboration, and creating future-resistant experience architecture.

Rigorous qualitative and quantitative researchis part of our secret sauce that enables us to align to user needs. Our intelligent Cora Journey360 software empowers teams with asingle-source-of-truth for journeys and personas, data-driven dashboards, and connectivity to underlying operations.

As part of Genpact, our customer-centric methodology accelerates digital transformation across the enterprise. Our techniques and best practices—e.g., ideation, persona modelling, fusion of design and development, and tailored CX metrics—providesa scalable path that aligns to the vision. Genpact’s AI-powered Cora platform integrates with Cora Journey360—allowing a seamless view of the customer journey across the front, middle, and back offices. The powerful combination integrates other digital building blocks as applicable—in areas like AI, machine learning, Robotic Process Automation(RPA), and IoT—at the right time based on goals, budget, and timing.

Journey-driven transformation delivers iterative value and embeds a customer focus into digital initiatives


A powerhouse in customer-centric journey

Our approach is enabled through powerful Cora Journey360 software-which enables teams to harness real-time data from any source to guide journeys, personas, and experiences.  The software aligns research, design, and development, and integrates directly with other platforms.

Journey-Driven Consulting Services

Our full continuum of services spans Customer-Centered Digital Strategy, Experience Design, and Experience Engineering. We have proven results in designing, architecting, and building solutions that set the bar for excellence in CX.

Customer-Centered Digital Strategy


Qualitative and quantitative

Journey mapping

Design thinking

Road mapping

Service design

Experience Design

Experience design and innovation

Design concepting and ideation

New product design

Design systems and


Experience Engineering

Digital architectures
Product, platform, and services

Development and modernization

Front-end web and mobile

Underlying process, technology,
data build and operations

Front-end web and mobile

Conversational AI

enables our continuum of consulting services and provides a view into the customer experience

In the journey to become digital there
is no back office; everything touches
the customer

“The most successful brands have learned to deploy deep customer understanding to deliver compelling, engaging, experiences in the moment. The next generation of CX innovators, however, are using insights derived from deep customer understanding to discover completely new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals, and grow revenues.” – Forrester

Integration with Genpact Cora

Cora Journey360, part of Genpact’s AI-powered Cora platform, provides a scalable path for customer-centric digital transformation

Cora Journey360 is part of Genpact’s AI-powered platform, which helps organizations leverage the appropriate technologies across the front, middle, and back offices. As initiatives scale, organizations increase their ability to predict, adapt, and connect through a customer-centric lens—becoming Instinctive Enterprises that are well-positioned to achieve their business goals.

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Additional Journey Driven Consulting Offerings

Journey Mapping

Visualize your customer’s pain points and gaps, and create the future state customer journey. We put our tried and true journey mapping methodology to work to align your organization around your customer and use our Cora Journey360 platform to help create, store and share these assets.

Prioritization & Roadmapping

Equip your organization with a prioritized, feasible game plan that ties back to your customer based on real data that drives repeatable, measurable innovative outcomes.