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Journey Mapping

Power Your Journey-Driven Transformation

Journey Mapping

Power Your Journey-Driven Transformation

Journey Mapping is not a One Size Fits All Approach.
Our Clients Have Varying Needs.

Solving for Specific CX Issues

Addressing drop-off rates on your ecommerce site, focusing on communication gaps in post-trade client servicing, or tackling the number of customer service complaints are examples of specific CX issues. By facilitating a group of stakeholders through a journey mapping effort to understand and agree on your top CX issues you are able to then focus and surgically address them to achieve high value impact.

Identify New Market or Product Opportunities

Creating hypothesis maps and designing the future state, ultimate customer experience journey is a great way to uncover not only unmet needs, but also new ideas for product innovation and expanding your market. By taking an outside-in view of your target market and immersing your organization in the customer journey you can better understand how a life event can affect your customer’s insurance needs for instance, or how a customer purchase experience for an automobile can be transformed to enable an improved servicing experience and thereby yield advocacy and repeat business.

Align and Educate Your Organization

Many firms are starting to structure more formal CX organizations. Kicking off a journey mapping effort can not only help jump start your CX program but it can also help align the leaders of the company and educate stakeholders and become the impetus for creating standard processes for journey mapping. Our UX360 journey mapping tool provides a way for organizations to create, share and collaborate on CX assets.

“We see Journey Mapping as an incredibly effective way to align companies around their customers and anchor them in a visual way to be able to take action on them.”

Dave Clark – Vice President & Design Director

“We see Journey Mapping as an incredibly effective way to align companies around their customers and anchor them in a visual way to be able to take action on them.”

Dave Clark – Vice President & Design Director

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3 Approaches To Get Started on Your
Journey Mapping Effort

Research-Driven Journey Mapping

Create Journey Maps that are grounded in Customer Research. By conducting research up front to gather the data that will be used to both help you understand your customer personas and inform your initial Journey Maps while obtaining insights from the field through both contextual inquiry and quantitative research such as surveys.

Rapid Mapping

Accelerated, two to three week focused effort that facilitates creation of a Hypothesis Journey Map. This is a Journey Map based on your organizations understanding of your customer’s journey. It’s a great way to capture your knowledge in a way that is easy to digest and will begin to allow you to identify customer experience challenges, your organizations potential blind spots, and what you may need to focus on in short and long term.

Deep Dive Mapping

Detailed work stream focused on delivering multiple in-depth Journey Maps. This process will involve the identification and creation of multiple Journey Maps across multiple Personas. The goal of deep dives are to bring a holistic view of your customer or employee journeys to the organization and to allow for real alignment to begin to occur as everyone is exposed to the big picture in a meaningful way.

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Additional Journey Driven Consulting Offerings

Customer & User Research

Ground your CX initiatives on real insights uncovered via contextual inquiry.

Prioritization & Roadmapping

Equip your organization with a prioritized, feasible game plan that ties back to your customer based on real data that drives repeatable, measurable innovative outcomes.