Persona Modeling Leads to UX ROI

What do successful tablet, mobile, portal and business application projects have in common? At TandemSeven, we would argue all require a great user experience. Relevant features and functionality are important, but if users cannot easily access or interact with them, your efforts may fail.

Employing a user-centered design and development process is a proven method to achieving a great user experience. A key component of this process is user research. By effectively connecting with the people who use an application, organizations can leverage design as a tool to bridge the gap between users and business objectives. Furthermore, persona modeling is an effective way to transform user research results into compelling visualizations of users in the form of profiles or personas. By ‘putting a face’ on the user of an application, personas engage the entire team—communicating characteristics of the user in a clear, compact way to development teams, business stakeholders and executive management.

When everyone can zero in on user needs and behavior, the ultimate outcome is a better user experience that leads to higher adoption and market share.

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