Convincing Other Departments to Work with Personas

We recently held a webinar on How to Create Applications that Engage and Delight Users: Persona Tools and Processes that Fuel New Product Success. We received some great questions from our attendees during the event. This post shares the answer to one of the questions: How do you convince other departments (e.g.development, product management) to start working with personas in the first place? Do you have suggestions to get their buy-in?

The best successful strategy for fostering ‘buy-in’ from other departments depends on your particular situation and the nature of any resistance you encounter, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Run a pilot project and try to engage some of the stakeholders from other departments in persona development activities. Engage them in the planning process, work-shopping personas, or involve them in the persona review process. If they understand how the personas were arrived at (and even better if they were involved in creating the personas) they will be more likely to ‘buy-in’ for this project and future projects.

You could also try to evangelize or share persona success stories from other projects or other companies. Forrester Research has gathered some great data on the ROI of personas.

You’ll find our whitepaper: How Personas Drive Design of Successful Business Applications informational for departments who may be new to the concept of personas.

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