Effectiveness of Personas When Developing Employee-Facing Applications

This post is another follow up to our recent webinar on How Persona Tools and Processes Can Help You Create Applications That Engage and Delight Users. One of the attendees asked: "Could you talk a bit about the effectiveness of personas when developing internal "employee-facing" applications? A lot of stakeholders find the "personalization" aspects confusing."

This is a great question and I thought a larger audience could benefit from the answer.

Answer: Personas are just as effective for employee-facing applications as they are for consumer facing, and the "personalization" included in the persona is more than just cosmetic. Providing details about persona needs or values will help stakeholders or product managers prioritize features. Providing details about how, when and where the persona uses a feature or application provides useful details for business analysts and UI designers. Providing a name and a picture makes the persona easier for the entire team to remember and refer to.

You’ll find our whitepaper: How Personas Drive the Design of Successful Business Applications informational for departments who may be new to the concept of personas.

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