The Power of Mobile and Tablet Applications in Financial Services

Mobile has become a critical part of companies’ overall customer experience and IT strategies. Mobile and tablet devices provide a way for organizations to create competitive advantage as well as innovate and test new ideas. At TandemSeven, we are seeing particularly high demand from clients in the institutional and corporate banking and wealth management space, but almost all of our clients across industries have mobility as part of their overall customer experience and IT strategies for this year and beyond.

In particular, mobile and tablet applications that directly support sales teams in the institutional and corporate space are in high demand, as well as applications that support financial advisors and wholesalers. Supporting this observation, weekly announcements are being made from various fund companies and brokerage/advisory firms, revealing the launch of mobile applications that enable the advisors to work more effectively with clients in an interactive way. Furthermore, there continues to be differentiated usage-based applications that extend specific research, analytical or transactional capabilities beyond traditional web portals. This trend enables industry firms to further integrate into the “day of the life” of the customer, thereby expanding the relationship.

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