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Enjoy these Forrester Research, Inc. reports compliments of TandemSeven.

Use Customer Journeys to Guide Your Digital Insurance Transformation

By Oliwia Berdak, Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, and other guest analysts

Digitizing the customer life cycle from end to end is top priority for digital insurance teams. They want to cut costs and offer convenience by enabling all customers need be met online. But the push to a completely digital sales and service can create gaps in the customer journeys through misinterpreted needs and behaviors.
Explore how to use customer journeys to guide the […]

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Enjoy these Gartner reports compliments of TandemSeven.

Balance Digital Experience Platform Consistency with Flexibility for Innovation

By Gene Phifer

The need for consistency in conjunction with agility and innovation when developing digital experience platform is paramount. Application leaders are tasked with the balance between the two during their organization’s transformation to digital business models.

This complimentary report from Gartner explores the impact of innovating digital experiences and how to avoid the pitfalls of application development while still balancing key requirements.

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