Mobile Dev Vs Traditional Web Portal Dev Initiatives

Here are some thoughts on some of the differences in approach regarding mobile versus traditional web portal development initiatives:

1. Strategy. A company needs to carefully focus on the highest value usage scenarios while thinking through the mobile touch points within context of the entire ‘day in the life’—not just specific workflows of a customer. Also, consider how other digital touch points tie in. Be sure your mobile strategy can evolve over time.

2. Timeline. Customers typically want to ideate, design, develop and launch more quickly than on traditional portal or application initiatives. This can be a real challenge if there is no current framework for working in a more agile way and if the company doesn’t have prior experience or infrastructure in place for mobile development. Create a methodology that allows for a rapid ideation and design process on the front end to jump start these initiatives. Then, work carefully to define a very focused and feasible scope that can be rapidly developed. Set the model for future enhancements post launch.

3. Multi-Device Considerations. With mobile there are nuances around the device and platform that need to be thought through carefully as well as whether the application should be native or web-based. The emergence of HTML5 will help to simplify these issues by providing a flexible, rich interface solution where historically there have been considerable hurdles. Understand the pros and cons of each and select the method best suited for your mobile needs.

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