Achieving Breakthroughs in B2B User Experience

Creating a design to accommodate B2B users with consumer expectations added to the complexity of this portal initiative. Watch this presentation and learn from both sides of the house — business and technology. Dan Meder and Joni Rolenaitis from Experian Business Information Services will reveal how and why a user-centered design process was instrumental in not only moving this large implementation forward, but creating a user experience that provides competitive advantage. Learn about the business objectives and ultimate outcomes as well as an indepth look at the making of BusinessIQ, Experian Business Information Services’ B2B credit management portal platform.

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“TandemSeven was instrumental in helping us create our new BusinessIQSM portal. The team expertly designed a visually appealing portal that accommodates our customers’ highly sophisticated data and analytical needs. The streamlined, easy-to-use portal provides them with an intuitive way to access the information they need to make better business decisions.”

Dan Meder, VP Product Management
Experian Business Information Services