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Our UX360 platform enables your CX and UX teams to align your entire organization around your customer by turning research into journey maps, personas, and more.

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  • Why Marketers Need to Understand the Entire Customer Journey

Why the Customer Journey is Your New Marketing Funnel

By Gary DeAsi Over the course of the past ten years or so, marketers’ focus has slid further and further down the marketing funnel and across the customer life-cycle to encompass the entire customer journey. [...]

  • Mapping the patient journey

Mapping the Patient Journey: A Case Study

By Ezra Schwartz Many healthcare organizations today are focusing on understanding the patient journey, as they operate in a competitive landscape that is driven by Meaningful Use policies and regulations that focus on demonstrating effective [...]

  • 8 Essentials for Agile UX Playbook

8 Essential Elements of Your Agile UX Playbook [Infographic]

By Yael Alpert, Katrina Berlin Benco, and Mundi Morgado In today’s business climate, there is increased attention and urgency focused on creating and improving digital experiences. However, the absence of standards to organize these [...]

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