Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions combine technical expertise with strong industry domain knowledge, enabling you to envision and develop your next generation technology platforms.

Enterprise Re-platforming

Many large organizations are challenged with remaking their aging technology stacks and inefficient architectures into modern, flexible platforms. From strategy to rollout, TandemSeven takes a comprehensive approach to technology migration and redesign. By quickly evaluating your current state, our architects and strategists work with your team to define and develop an ideal future state that mitigates legacy risks and minimizes total cost of ownership.

Digital Acceleration Toolkits

The absence of flexible and extensible standards is a major impediment to rapid change. To accelerate effectively, leading organizations leverage their ongoing investment in digital assets—production design, front end code, guidelines and standards, and even design rationale and philosophy. TandemSeven enables you to establish an in-house design system that designers and developers can utilize to create new digital products more quickly and effectively.

Centers of Excellence

In large organizations, decentralized efforts may yield a host of new challenges, including incohesive strategies, inconsistent or unleveraged insights, and teams that lack governance or support. A Center of Excellence provides an enabling set of capabilities, resources, best practices and tools that allow distributed teams to support each other by bringing new capabilities into the organization, spreading best practices, sharing promising solutions and design patterns, and enhancing the skills of current staff. By working with you to create a customized set of process definitions, design and develop teams, create online tools, and provide initial staffing, TandemSeven consultants empower your internal team to inherit the Center and carry it forward.

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